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Sit back and enjoy our extensive menu of tailored grooming and nail care services designed with the unique needs of men in mind. When it comes to men’s grooming methods, we have a wealth of knowledge that ensures that our customers leave satisfied and looking their best. Let us provide you with a comfortable place to relax as you’re enthusiastically primped and pampered. If your beard and/or mustache requires a little tidying up, allow our beauticians to expertly trim the excess hairs. Using the most effective methods, we’ll properly trim and blend your beard and/or mustache to your specifications. We will also pluck and shape your eyebrows upon request. Our brow grooming aims to style your eyebrows to better enhance your facial features. Completely different than women’s manicures, men’s manicures are designed to clean, shape, and smooth the nail surfaces for healthy looking nails. Invest in your appearance by maintaining neat nails instead of unsightly ragged nails with rough cuticles. Allow our professional manicurist to trim your cuticles, cut and file your nails, and provide a finishing buff for a healthy shine.You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from a men’s sports pedicure. Before displaying your toes in sandals or while barefoot, undergo a classic men’s spa pedicure, which includes treatments such as an exfoliation scrub, cut cuticles, reduced calluses, trimmed and shaped nails, and a finishing nail buff. Nail care should be a crucial part of every man’s grooming routine for a number of reasons. Properly caring for both your finger and toe nails can help prevent dry skin, reduce the risk of developing ingrown nails, and can soften rough edges. Having your nails expertly cared for in a professional spa setting can also be relaxing.

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Sit back and enjoy our extensive menu of tailored grooming...

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